Sunday, 1 November 2015

Android PSD to XML Converter

If you are here, I believe you are in Android development OR want to develop some. You can be developer yourself OR you have developer who can code like breeze. But wait for a second, you are stuck at UI. It is time consuming Job and still results are not satisfactory.

You had already done some basic Google search for PSD to Android xml conversion, some tool which can do it automatically for you but nothing has worked yet.

Your designer gives you a PSD and few assets and you have to convert it to Android xml. At first glance it seems a simple task but once you are into it; you understand hidden complexities. If you were a web developer, believe me it is not your cup of tea. As Android UI components require understanding of Android as a framework and working knowledge of JAVA.

I have been in Android development since a long time and inputs from many people says the same. They find it difficult to do UI job, specially if you are from some other programming background including only Java.

Don't worry, we are here to help. If you have a good design and want to give it life in Android then you are at right place. Steps are very simple :

1) Have a good design from a designer who understand your requirements
2) Send PSD and other Assets to me
3) Lets talk business
3.5) You will get your xml

We charge per screen basis. Charges are as follows :

- $99 * per xml
- $111 * per xml with sample project which integrates xml and give it life

You can reach me here :
or mail me at

[NOTE: If your design requires some third party library OR custom modules, we need to discuss]

Happy Coding!

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