Thursday, 10 December 2015

Watstime - We wake up relations

Have you ever felt need of remembering something to remind someone! Have you ever been in situation where you wanted some message to deliver at scheduled time but could not send because of some xyz reason! Have you ever missed to wish someone because of time slippage! And lot of other reasons!
Presenting you World’s first Alarm messenger ‘Watstime’
If I have to sum up Watstime in two lines, it is a message scheduler cum alarm which you can use for yourself OR someone else. It has got context, attachments and meaning as per given situation.You can opt for it to play as Notification OR play as full screen as situation and task demands.
Lets go through its features in detail.
Beauty of Watstime is you can use it for Yourself and Contacts both. We interacted with people like you and figure out what exactly they want.

TYPE — Day, Date and After

  1. Time and Day : When you know what time and what day you want to play (say 6 A:M every wednesday)
  2. Time and Date : When you know exact time and date ( say 12:00 AM — 30 oct, 2016)
  3. After : When you do not know time and all what matters is the event ( say play after 15 minutes, call her after 2 hours etc)

Play — Full screen and Notification

You can not disagree that each task has different priority in your life. Then why let the alarm play full screen and interrupt you when you are in middle of something. Watstime offers you choice between — Full screen play OR Notification Play. You can opt based on task. Not even that, you can switch between both play types when it actually plays.

Custom Snooze

Lets face it, if each task has different priority then why to snooze for same time period. Watstime offers you custom snooze which you can opt at runtime when it plays and decide when next you want Watstime to play again for you. Consider an example of bill payment, you definitely want to snooze it for few hours if you are busy right now. Snooze for 15 minutes might suite for use case like “Call her”


A Photo can give emotions and meaning to any conversation. So we thought lets add it to your Watstime and make it more contextual. You can attach a photo when scheduling Watstime of your contacts as well.


If you have ever got chance to interact with people in some other country OR need to do something based on some other country timezone; you know the pain point. From now onwards no more timezone calculations; Watstime does all the hard work for you. Simply choose timezone of country you want Watstime to play accordingly and it will come when you need.



Very simple use case could be “Call her at 7 PM”; simply attach contact with Watstime and initiate call when it rings from there only. No need to switch between apps.


You can attach location with Watstime and schedule it for yourself OR your contacts and when it plays it gives you flexibility to navigate to Maps from there only.


Our conversation with people claims that most of us forget one or other task when there are many. Consider example of market shopping, going to gym and taking useful stuff with you, morning routine, before bed routine etc. Our brain works well when we have defined tasks to do. We listened to people pain point and added todo list with Watstime, you can attach a todo list for yourself OR your contacts and it will help you finishing the task on right time. Watstime functionality of switching between Notification and Full screen helps you do finish all the items with right momentum.

A Real life Example

Lets think some real life example which a friend of mine shared. Assume there is a marriage and no doubt bride/groom will be busy that day. On the other side, they want their friends to message as well reminding them they have to visit.
Watstime helps you managing stuff easily, He/She can set Watstime of friends in advance, say she did one week in advance when she was free. She attached a photograph of venue, location where they have to reach and Contact number of person whom they can call once they reach and checklist contains gifts she wants from them :P and tadaa she can relax and Watstime will play its role.
In essence, Watstime is a product which brings so many utilities and you can use in your daily life.
Hold on! This is just the beginning, lot more is on its way.
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